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Forbes: How A 21-Year-Old USC Entrepreneur, Andrew Kozlovski, Turned A Campus-Wide Issue Into A Healthy, Thriving Business

  • Andrew Kozlovski

Andrew Kozlovski, Student at USC and CEO of BrainzPower

The Growing Use of Adderall On College Campuses

Midterms. Final exams. Late night study sessions. These are all common realities of living a college lifestyle. “Pulling all-nighters” has become the new normal across campuses, as students drive to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to them.

But, in a fast-paced, technologically enhanced society, the competition among educational institutions and more importantly, its students, continues. The pressure college students face on a daily basis from inside and outside the classroom, has led many to identify and recognize that they may need to address issues like anxiety, depression, and even cognitive enhancement.

On college campuses across the U.S., students are finding ways to deal with these stresses, by acquiring prescription medications like Adderall, which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”), and narcolepsy, without actually having a prescription, or going through a licensed, medical professional.


One student in particular, Andrew Kozlovski, a senior at the University of Southern California, and CEO of BrainzPower, has identified with this issue, and has set out on a path to ensure that the market is incentivized to provide safer alternatives for individuals who may not have prescriptions for Adderall, or similar prescription drugs.

Like his classmates around him, Kozlovski found himself stretched thin, pulling all-nighters and stressing over midterms and final exams. He came to the realization that he needed a way to enhance his focus and attentiveness, but going about it the right way. So, he came up with a solution to help guide college students in the right direction and encourage them not to abuse medication and substances they weren’t familiar with.

Behind ‘BrainzPower’

Andrew Kozlovski, University of Southern California

While there are a plethora of companies out there which provide supplements and wellness products for those who seek to enhance cognitive function, Kozlovski’s venture couldn’t be more timely, as both a senior ready to graduate, and a key member of the demographic for which this market relates.

During my freshman year, I noticed many students were taking Adderall during midterms and final exams period to enhance their focus and mitigate symptoms of ADHD. Recognizing that I had my own issues with focus and attentiveness, I wanted to see if I could find out more information about being prescribed it. She asked me whether I had ADHD—I had no idea what she was talking about.So, I did some research on the drug and discovered it was an amphetamine, and highly addictive to the body, if abused. It was at that point in time I understood this behavior on campus to be a serious issue, especially where kids all around me were exchanging it like money.”

Andrew Kozlovski, on starting up BrainzPower

It’s not uncommon for college students or even graduate students, to throw around symptoms to a medical professional, and ultimately ending up with a prescription for a diagnosis or condition they may or may not have. According to a national survey on drug use, sponsored by The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 38.5% percent of college-age individuals (ages 18-22 years old), reported using ADHD stimulants, such as Adderall, for non-medical reasons.

Unfortunately, the positive effects of Adderall are often negated when people misuse or abuse it. Studies have explored the trends of college students abusing Adderall to enhance their concentration, providing them with the ability to stay awake for longer periods of time, thus allowing them to pull those “all-nighters.”

“Today, it’s very easy to walk into a doctor’s office and “fake symptoms,” said Kozlovski. For instance, I know a good number of people at school, and I’ve been told that anyone can get this prescription, if you say certain

Rise, Grind, and Educate

Currently, the U.S. has been dealing with the deadly opioid epidemic, which has largely spared college campuses, but experts are still cautioning administrators to pay closer attention to.

“This is a time when young adults have more access to substances than ever before and have more economic leverage and legal protections,” said Dr. Joseph Lee, medical director for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Youth Continuum in Minnesota.

Kozlovski told me that from a student’s perspective, students aren’t educated on these types of substances. “We just know about it from friends and classmates; that it allows us to more school work in a more focused manner,” said the USC senior.

But, at the end of the day, people don’t understand how bad it is to misuse substances that aren’t prescribed to you by a licensed medical professional.

“So, I did my research, compiled all the ingredients known to assist with cognitive focus, mental health, and stress relief,” said Kozlovski. I then took my list and traveled to labs across the U.S., asking for chemists who could create a product, that contained many of these ingredients, which would help those college students who may not be ADHD or meet the criteria for being prescribed Adderall, focus and stay attentive throughout their collegiate education.

The USC senior indicated that during his testing and marketing periods, a lot of things didn’t work, but at the same time, many things worked extremely well.

Kozlovski indicated to me that initially, his family was against the idea of him starting up his own business because they didn’t understand how someone could sell a product like that on Instagram, let alone, manage a business while undergoing college.

In terms of capitalizing on the market, Kozlovski took to the one spot he knew almost all college kids were drawn to—social media.

Sending The Message To College Brains Across The Country

While initially averaging $10,000 per month in sales of his product, BrainzPower brings in almost $30,000 per month in sales, strictly through the content pushed through social media.

Kozlovski emphasized that when it comes to running a business aimed at college students or millennials, the content is by far the most important factor. “It’s not the labels, hashtags, or effects you can add to your content,” added the entrepreneur, “it’s someone whose passionate about an idea, and elaborating on that idea for over 60 seconds, which is much more engaging and valuable than simply posting a picture or a simple message.”

“It’s about connecting, the sales come after,” said Kozlovski. When it comes to e-commerce, platforms like Amazon and other e-shops, have to market in new, innovative ways. With the younger demographic, it’s social media. The USC senior lended his support to platforms like Instagram, who in its time of updates and features, is doing a great job and allowing for businesses and brands to become more seamless.

Social media can be a great tool for spreading awareness about issues like Adderall abuse and the opioid epidemic plaguing our nation. It’s just a matter of education, and maybe some entrepreneurship thrown in the mix.

Addressing Cyberbullying On Campus

Rossow: You recently accepted the #CYBERBYTE challenge, a YouTube initiative aimed at spreading awareness about standing up against cyberbullying. As a college student and entrepreneur have you been victimized by online trolling?

Kozlovski: Everyone is going to get cyber-bullied. I've gotten hundreds of messages attacking my appearance or character. But you have to remember, the people who are talking like this, they aren't in a good place, and hate to see someone succeed and happy. I want others to know to ignore them. Just remember, build your confidence, because everyone is beautiful. Be happy and love yourself.

Rossow: You have a following of over 110,000 people. What’s your secret?

Kozlovski: I went through every picture, from the beginning, to see what they did and how their account changed over time. This included looking at the type of content they posted and what hashtags they used. With social media, there is always a pattern—there’s no hiding how someone can grow and mature, even socially. Take my account for example, you can see how my content has changed over time, understanding which pictures and/or videos resonated the most. I sat on Instagram for hours a day, for over two months, breaking it down into all of its key points.


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Why Your Brain Needs Water

The human brain is made up of approximately 75% water, so it is no surprise that dehydration has a dramatic effect on brain health.


Dehydration takes place when there is a deficit of water and salts that are essential for regular bodily functions.   Mineral imbalances hinder normal brain operation.  Mental fatigue, memory problems, and mental confusion can result when the brain isn’t properly hydrated.  Grey matter in the brain actually shrinks, and chronic long term dehydration can cause the brain to age prematurely.

How Dehydration Impacts Your Brain

*   Mental fatigue
*   Problems with information processing
*   Mood changes
*   Premature aging of the brain

Drinking filtered spring water is the best way to stay hydrated.  If you take your body weight and divide it by two, you will have calculated the ounces of water you need to consume per day.  Soda, coffee, and black tea are acidic beverages, so they don’t count toward your daily hydration goal.

7 Brain Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Discover why drinking to your brain health really can make a difference in your life:

1.  Supports healthy brain cells
2.  Improves concentration
3.  Helps to balance mood and emotions
4.  Improves quality of your sleep
5.  Maintain memory function
6.  Eliminates toxins and free radicals from your blood
7.  Improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain

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Business Insider feature: A Day in the life of Brainz Power CEO Andrew Kozlovski

Unlike most college students, Andrew Kozlovski doesn't leave much time for socializing. He's too busy updating Instagram. Literally.

Kozlovski, 21, has built a business selling nootropic supplements, primarily by marketing on social media.

Kozlovski was finishing up his first year at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business when he heard about students taking Adderall or other drugs intended for people with ADHD to finish their schoolwork. When he found out how dangerous the drugs were, he realized there could be a market for a safer alternative.

As a star swimmer in high school, Kozlovski had taken all kinds of natural supplements, so he started compiling a list of those said to boost cognitive performance. Then he found a lab near his hometown of Atlanta that was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration and willing to run a small order of pills combining the various supplements; he'd pay using the $500 he had saved up over the year.

While supplements are legal and many people swear by their effects, evidence about their benefits are murky, and US poison-control centers have received about 275,000 reports of people reacting badly to them over the past two decades. The supplements industry, estimated to be worth as much as $37 billion a year, is not regulated by the FDA.

But the burgeoning demand for supplements presented an opportunity for Kozlovski, who has built a social-media following selling a supplement called Brainz Power. Today, he has nearly a dozen accounts — with followers in the hundreds of thousands— where he posts aspirationalcontent for budding entrepreneurs, fitness nuts, fellow students, and people who just like looking at pictures of cool cars and California sunrises.

He told Business Insider that posting and marketing on social media had turned into consistent sales of Brainz Power. He first uses the money to pay his college tuition and living expenses in downtown Los Angeles; everything else goes back into the business.

"I realized that if I wanted to be a successful businessman, I needed to start now," Kozlovski said. "I thought I'll learn a lot more from actually running a business while in business school than waiting four years to get started."

But running a business while attending school isn't easy. Here's what a typical day is like for Kozlovski.

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Voyage ATL features Brainz Power's CEO Andrew Kozlovski as an inspiring Atlanta Entrepreneur

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Kozlovski.

Andrew, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
The story starts when I was a freshman in college, I saw how bad the use of Adderall (a prescribed medication for people with ADHD) was among college campuses. When finals would come around, when essays were due everyone was talking about the drug, so out of curiosity at what is was I went to a doctor to see if I could get a prescription because who wouldn’t want more focus? After speaking to them they said only people with ADHD can get this which is when I realized almost all students taking the drug are not prescribed it, so my next thought was to just buy a natural alternative, I was an All-American swimmer in high school so I knew there were nutrients and vitamins that could supplement almost anything you want. There was not a single main stream solution to cognitive enhancement, there were a few but they were so hard to find, they website made the product look sketchy and they had almost no social media following or presence to legitimize the brands, I took my idea and went to scientists in an FDA approved laboratory in Georgia and came out with a cognitive enhancing supplement with 9 targeting ingredients. I took it for 2 months and knew this product worked and would have a major impact on thousands of college students lives. I then knew ALL of college students attention was on Instagram, and I knew if I could pop in that feed every single college student would at least know that there is an alternative solution to the drug being abused. So for three month I ripped apart Instagram figuring out how to grow on the platform and eventually grew a following of over 100k in the first 12 months I was in business and generated revenues of 10k per month as a 19 year old, now I am a senior at USC and I am making around 25k per month in sales and have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Huff Post for my success as an entrepreneur thus far.

Has it been a smooth road?
I would say the biggest obstacle I faced was starting, because I had a great idea but I was a freshman in college and had no money, and had no experience it posed for a lot of criticism from family and friends. I did not come from millionaire entrepreneur parents, I have a very humble upbringing by very hard working immigrant parents, so all I had to start the business was $500 of my own money, I kept reinventing that over and over again and that turned into a quarter of a million only three short years later. I don’t know if this is a struggle this is just the cards that I was delt, and if you use that as an excuse not to start I think that is having a loser mentality I am just happy and thankful I have the opportunity to pursue a dream.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Brainz Power story. Tell us more about the business.
I specialize in Instagram marketing because that was the sole way I grew the company. I am most proud of becoming a Forbes featured entrepreneur as a senior in college. There were so many people that laughed at my dreams directly to my face and to have succeeded so early along in my life long journey as an entrepreneur makes me confident that I need to follow only my heart and disregard everyone’s negative thoughts and opinions.

What sets us apart is we only market through Instagram, the people who need the product are college students, college students spend hours on Instagram everyday thus we know exactly where their attention is and I figured out how to capitalize on that. No one else has been able to penetrate the demo the way I did because I was in it, I was essentially marketing to myself.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
Biohacking and nootropics are the current trends. I got into it at the right time, and now we are riding the wave, but I think cognitive enhancement will not be a fad. Nourishing the brain and pushing to peak performance will always stick around this isn’t a trend diet or anything like that. My sole mission is to create the best biohacking company there is, we added another product MCT oil to our line which also helps with cognitive enhancement and I will continue to search for new and innovate ways to support our mental health.

Another change that I think will occur is we will see more companies starting though social media platforms. I think a lot of traditional media is outdated, overpriced, and few actually watch it. Most college students don’t even have cable anymore. TV ads will not reach anyone my age, even if you promote during the superbowl as soon as a commercial goes on we all reach for our phones and we are tuned out. Social is where it is at.


  • Brainz Power Nootropic- $29.99
  • Brainz Power MCT Oil- $49.99

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