Brainz Power Featured In The Daily Trojan Newspaper

Brainz Power and its CEO were written about recently in the Daily Trojan newspaper, read more below to see what they said!

The excitement in Andrew Kozlovski’s voice is clear as he reels off the ingredients in the chemical cocktail he’s brewed; Brainz Power is a mixture of dietary supplements and research chemicals that gives students an additional edge in their learning abilities.

The cognitive enhancement tonic Kozlovski, a sophomore studying business, designed is a nootropic, which comes from the Greek “noos” for “mind.” It is intended to safely enhance cognitive functioning by promoting better memory, clarity, focus and enhanced problem-solving abilities and has resulted in a successful entrepreneurial venture for Kozlovski.

According to Kozlovski, the idea for the nootropic came after he realized that many of his fellow students were taking prescription pills in order to concentrate more effectively.

“It’s the demand from the student community which made me start researching,” Kozlovski said. “Once I saw that there are alternatives to prescribed medication, I started to think that I had a pretty good idea.”

Kozlovski went about looking for a natural solution and started collecting ingredients for his formula, which would later become Brainz Power. Once the manufacturers for the drug were found, he came up with a sustainable marketing plan and has gone about executing it for the past eight months. The venture boasts a highly popular Instagram account, which Kozlovski notes as the most effective channel among all of social media with a following of more than 100,000.

According to Kozlovski, Brainz Power works because similar products like Adderall are inaccessible to the general population and are not healthy. Kozlovski noted that all the ingredients of his product are natural and, therefore, completely safe for consumption. Legally, the product has passed all verifications, as the manufacturing unit and the process under which the formula is made have been approved by the FDA.

Kozlovski believes that this is the first time that a nootropic has been marketed to such an extent, reaching out to more people as a primary option instead of an alternative. The tonic bottles are priced at $30 each, a price that Kozlovski said he is able to maintain because he uses free online promotions instead of costly newspaper advertisements. This business scheme has helped the venture reach out to several hundred thousand customers.

For Kozlovski, the motivation behind starting this venture was more than just executing a business plan successfully.

“I was always looking for a great business idea that I could work on,” Kozlovski said. “But I was also looking for a way in which I could invent something that could make a difference in people’s lives.”

Kozlovski has had an abundance of support from his friends and professors, who have encouraged him throughout the process.

“It was great to hear someone so young create a solution to stop college kids to stop abusing harmful medications,” said Michael Wang, a sophomore majoring in neuroscience. “He told me about how the science works behind all of the ingredients, and I looked them up. There are universities that have tested these ingredients, concluding and confirming that there are positive results.”


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