Brainz Power CEO, Andrew Kozlovski, Featured In The Huffington Post

The following is a link to Brainz Power's second feature in the Huffington Post in the past month. Learn more about our CEO and his journey of growing Brainz Power in an effort to help all college students suffering from the Adderall epidemic. Link below.

Message From Our  CEO, Andrew Kozlovski: "I am extremely honored to be featured in the Huffington Post for my achievements in entrepreneurship. Huge thank you to Arianna Huffington and The Post for such an amazing article. I started the company with a mission to address a very real problem that I witnessed first hand as a college student, and its an honor to have such a prestigious media outlet acknowledge my journey. However, we can always get better, and having press like this helps spread the message that students have an alternative and don't have to depend on dangerous and addictive drugs to perform better in school. Thank you all for your support, and thank you to all my loyal customer none of this is possible without you." -Andrew Kozlovski

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