Vinpocetine Is a Great Herb for Optimizing Your Brains Potential

One of our main ingredients in Brainz Power is Vinpocetine. Studies have shown that due to its effect on the increase of blood flow to the brain it improves crucial mental functions. "Vinpocetine has effects on brain blood vessels, brain blood flow, and brain cells themselves. In this way, it can be of value in enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, as well as in possibly preventing the damage that occurs if nutrient delivery is impaired. Some research suggests that vinpocetine may also help to prevent the neurotoxic effects implicated in Alzheimer’s disease." See all of the benefits of Vinpocetine at the link below. 

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Ginkgo Biloba Has Been Shown To Improve Memory

"The clinical efficacy of the ginkgo biloba special extract EGb 761 in dementia of the Alzheimer type and multi-infarct dementia" was confirmed in a study published in the journal Pharmacopsychiatry. Another study, published in JAMA, similarly found that EGb 761 "was safe and appears capable of stabilizing and, in a substantial number of cases, improving the cognitive performance and the social functioning of demented patients for 6 months to 1 year. Researchers believe that Ginkgo improves cognitive function because it promotes good blood circulation in the brain and protects it from neuronal damage." This whole article can be found at the link below. 

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The Power of our ingredient DMAE

Health Studies have shown that one of our high quality ingredients DMAE has been proven to increase memory in individuals. Memory is a vital cognitive function for humans, and improving this crucial function can help your lives significantly.

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New Brainz Power Formula

Brainz is an expertly formulated cognitive enhancement supplement that has been produced by a top-quality, cGMP certified and FDA licensed laboratory environment under the most rigorously professional conditions. Our high quality formula is created to enhance cognitive functions in people looking to elevate their mental performance. The strategic mixture of ingredients creates a formula perfect for enhancing memory, focus, and overall brain health. Brainz is perfect for anyone who is seeking a mental edge. This superb formula is perfect for athletes, students, and anyone in the work force. Our proprietary formula has no caffeine which gives you all the benefits of neural stimulation without the jitters.
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