Benefits of Brainz Power's MCT oil

What Makes MCT Oils So Special?

MCTs get their name because of the length of their chemical structure. All types of fatty acids are made up of strings of connected carbon and hydrogen. Fats are categorized by how many carbons they have: short-chain fats (like butyric acid) have fewer than six carbons, medium-chain fats have between 6–12 carbons and long-chain fats (like omega-3s) have between 13–21.

What makes MCTs a top source of essential healthy fats? Medium-chain fats are digested easily and sent directly to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect and the ability to positively alter your metabolism. This is one reason why many people claim that MCTs, including coconut oil, are burned by the body for energy, or “fuel,” instead of being stored as fat.

Compared to longer-chain fats, MCTs are absorbed more easily since there’s less work for the body to do breaking apart carbon bonds. MCTs are smaller, so they can permeate our cell membranes more easily and don’t require that we use special enzymes in order for our bodies to utilize them.

MCTs and saturated fats are goo for you in other ways, too: They reduce the risks of low fat diets, and they’re supportive of your gut environment, especially since they have the capability to combat harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Additionally, MCTs contain antioxidant properties, which is why coconut oil has far-reaching inflammatory benefits that have led it to be used to treat dozens of health problems in folk medicine for centuries.

Medium-chain fatty acids are capable of helping you:

  • Maintain a healthy weight — since they both make you feel full
  • Specifically reduce stored body fat — since they also raise your metabolic function
  • Have more energy
  • Think more clearly
  • Experience better digestion
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Improve your mood
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Gwinnett Daily Post: Front page feature Brainz Power and Andrew Kozlovski

Brainz Power and CEO Andrew Kozlovski got on the front page of daily newspaper Gwinnett Daily Post. Have you even wondered about the start of Instagram's number one biohacking and nootropic brand? Here's the behind the scenes to all of the content we have all seen throughout social media. Click the link below to learn more!  

Andrew Kozlovski & Brainz Power


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Brainz Feature- Princeton University

Princeton University has been one of the leading entrepreneurship colleges in the United States, with their student ran program Tiger Launch where our CEO was interviewed. The link below goes straight to the exclusive interview with Andrew Kozlovski. We would like to thank Princeton University for the feature, and helping spread the world of our product and the broader mission of helping student achieve more by supplying them with the nutrients to push through hard days, absorb more information, and achieve the impossible by elevating their mental performance. 
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How Does Brainz Power's Huperzine A Work

How does it work?

Huperzine A is thought to be beneficial for problems with memory, loss of mental abilities (dementia), and the muscular disorder myasthenia gravis because it causes an increase in the levels of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of the chemicals that our nerves use to communicate in the brain, muscles, and other areas.

Huperzine A (L-Huperzine A) is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This means prevents it acetylcholine from being broken down in the brain. Higher levels of acetylcholine make it easier to perform cognitive tasks such as learning new things, memorizing information, and focusing at the task at hand.

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Why You Need Bacopa Monnieri, 1 of Brainz Power's 9 Ingredients (MEDICAL STUDY RESULTS)

Published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the following study examines one of Brainz Power's ingredients Bacopa Monnieri, and found that it enhanced memory along with other vital cognitive functions, click the link below to view the full study.


Controlling for baseline cognitive deficit using the Blessed Orientation–Memory–Concentration test, Bacopa participants had enhanced AVLT delayed word recall memory scores relative to placebo. Stroop results were similarly significant, with the Bacopa group improving and the placebo group unchanged. CESD-10 depression scores, combined state plus trait anxiety scores, and heart rate decreased over time for the Bacopa group but increased for the placebo group. No effects were found on the DAT, WAIS digit task, mood, or blood pressure. The dose was well tolerated with few adverse events (Bacopa n = 9, placebo n = 10), primarily stomach upset. 


This study provides further evidence that B. monnieri has potential for safely enhancing cognitive performance in the aging.

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